Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What's Happening With Windows 10 and Cloud Integration

Windows 10 and OneDrive

Windows 8 was the first Windows with some OneDrive integration. There was a virtual folder in the File Explorer tree called SkyDrive / OneDrive. All your OneDrive folders and files were rendered in this tree - the files  however were not fully downloaded - they were shadow place holders. When you double clicked on the file, SkyDrive services on the machine would pull down the file for use and thereafter synchronise changes.

Windows 10 doesn't do it this way. When you install it, you are asked to decide which folders you want to synchronise. After you answer, it builds the virtual branch in File Explorer. The way to control it is through right click on the OneDrive tray app.

Here are screen captures of the app.

In addition to having files in Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft offers the ability of fetching files from your Windows PCs - go to the OneDrive Web Page and if your source Windows PC is powered on with the OneDrive service running, you can obtain files from that PC. See Fetch Files on Your PC

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