Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pasting Content Without Weird Looking Results


When we cut from various sources and paste into the destination document, we often end up with a mish mash of our originally formatted content and foreign content.  Here are some techniques to reduce the pain.

When you right click to paste

Right Click to Paste in Word 2013 Screenshot
Left icon - K - Keep Source Formatting
Middle icon - M - Merge Formatting
Right icon - T - Keep Text Only or
Ctrl+Shift+Y  - Paste as Plain Text

After you paste

After you paste screenshot 

Setting your preferences for repeated use

File > Options > Advanced > Cut, Copy,, and Paste

Removing Styles and Direct Formatting long after the Paste

Style Inspector and Style Pane screenshot

Note the virtual entry in the Styles Pane - Clear All - it isn't real Style, it is an menu item to clear styles and direct formatting.

Google Docs Paste Behaviour

Ctrl+V - Pastes with Source Formatting
Ctrl+Shift+V - Pastes plain text
Ctrl+\ - removes formatting of the selected text

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