Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HTML & CSS Resources

I sometimes still get involved with beginners to the web. Yes, nearly everyone knows how to Facebook, buy from eBay or Google for this and that but this is with the consumer hat on – fewer people have a basic knowledge of the atomic elements that make up a webpage. Here are some leads.
W3Schools has been there for a long time. It is still well presented reference and there are some areas where you can edit some HTML interactively and see the result.
Shay Howe’s Beginner’s Guide and Advanced Guide covers significant points.
Learn CSS Layout is a deconstructive tutorial.
jQuery from the source.
Adobe Dreamweaver reference and Help center
Scan your webpage and produce several screenshots with different browsers using BrowserStack

Microsoft Office on the Mac

Ok, Ok, I’m pure Microsoft Windows user. Been that since I Windows was born. I am forced to use a Mac very rarely and haven’t hit the comfort zone in this environment. But participants at classes sometimes ask

But where is the Ctrl key on the Mac?

How do I Right Mouse Click?

Where are the function keys?