Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Screen Capture in the Windows 8

There are several options to screen capture classic desktop (programs):

  • PrtScr to save to clipboard
  • the Windows Snipping Tool
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (and later) programs have an Ribbon Command – Insert > Screen Shot > Screen Clipping
  • Greenshot – a very nifty free utility that can capture, save to file automatically, upload to various photo gallery sites automatically
  • the Windows Problem Steps Recorder (records a screenshot every keystroke sequence or mouse action you carry out until you stop.
  • and a host of third party free and paid utilities

However, the Windows 8 Apps Tiles Layer breaks your workflow – If you use one of the utilities above, after the screenshot, Windows returns to the classic Desktop. If you return to the Tiles layer, some Tile Apps lose state.

Use Windows logo key + PrtScr and the screenshot will save to My Pictures/Screenshots as a PNG file automatically, without switching to the Classic Desktop.

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