Friday, October 26, 2012

Prime Cuts for Windows 8

Windows 8 retail was officially launched yesterday. I’ve been driving Windows 8 for a while but didn’t enjoy the Metro factor until I came across Scott Hanselman’s video and checked out these keyboard shortcuts from Derick Campbell and Microsoft IT Showcase list hosted by Amit at LabNol.

(I’ll update this information as I find and figure out more and more accurate details.

You're gazing at the Metro tiled screen.

  • Just start typing the name of a program and the screen will shortlist the icons that are relevant.
  • Tap on the Windows key to return to the last used open program.
  • Windows key + Tab to cycle through the list of running programs including Metro
  • Windows key + Minus to zoom out, Windows key + equals to zoom in
  • PgUp or PgDn to scroll the tiles horizontally
  • Win + X - Quick Menu
  • Win + R - Run command
  • Win+E - Explorer

You are on the Desktop want to get back to the Metro screen

  • Tap on the Windows key once to bring up the Metro screen, tap again to return to your last used running program
  • Move the mouse quickly to the bottom left corner of the screen to display the Metro button hovering

Killing a Running Task

  • Windows Key + Tab to nominate the program and then tap the Del key without releasing the Win+Tab
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del will as usual display a small menu and then you can proceed to the enhanced Task Manager

You're running a Metro App and want to bring up the bottom App Commands Bar

  • Windows key + Z

You want to switch between Metro Apps and classic programs

  • Holding the classic Alt+Tab shows a dialog listing running processes inclusive of classic programs and Metro apps. The titles of these processes are not descriptive enough and the visual for each process may not accurately reflect the program's screen
  • Windows key + Tab - displays a vertical panel on the left of the screen enumerating Metro apps
  • Windows key + dot / Windows key + Shift + dot will
    • Snap the App
      • If there are several running classic apps, they will tile into a vertical strip
      • If you are running a Metro app, this app will fill the vertical strip
    • Subsequently press Windows key + Tab to put another running Metro app into the main screen
  • Windows + D to switch to Desktop

Charms and Stuff

Win + C Open Charms (also shows Date/Time/Power/Net).
Win + F Open Search Charm on Files.
Win + W Open Search Charm on Settings.
Win + Q Open Search Charm on Active App
(on right side only if supported by App).
Win + H Open Share Charm.
Win + I Open Settings Charm (plus Start Settings and Metro Help).
Win + K Open Devices Charm.
Win + P Control second screen
Win + PrintScreen Screen capture AND creates a .png file

Not aware of pre-existing Windows 7 Shortcut Keys? 

- See Computer Productivity - Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

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