Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quick note on updating Word field codes

A quick follow up note on Word Field Codes. This Addictive Tips article describes how to insert Cross References in Word 2010

After you have inserted a bunch of cross references, and edited your document some more, you will want to update all cross references. You could Select All (use Ctrl+A) and then press F9 (update fields). This might miss out on any header or footer instances of cross referencing.

It seems that one way to ensure that Word does update all Cross Reference Fields, is to ensure that Word updates before printing (Options > Display > Update All Fields Before Printing) and simply Print Preview.

Now, it may be that you are puzzled by some heading text in the cross reference field not updating to reflect the edited text in the heading source content.

Turns out if your heading text was Travels With My Aunt and you edited the text to be Travels With My Aunt In Hawaii, the cross reference has captured the phrase up to My Aunt.  It has no idea that you have added words past the last character. If you edited the phrase in the middle, the cross reference understands. If you added more characters after the end of the original phrase, Word does not understand this.

And the joke from today - the remote control for the video show projector that has an On/Off switch.

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