Saturday, January 8, 2011

Managing your Styles

I’ve been teaching more than doing recently, so this start of 2011, I am by chance, having the time to work with some documents with Word 2010. The management of Styles has been enhanced and modified to some extent. I found my favourite keystrokes to strip paragraph formatting Ctrl+Q and to strip direct character formatting, Ctrl+Space didn’t do it for me. Puzzled, I looked around at how things had subtly changed.

Really, if you are writing, you don’t want to be bothered with formatting. And yet when you cut and paste, the alien paragraphs indeed look alien. First thing is to check out the default Paste attributes:


The defaults are to keep source formatting – ask yourself whether you want to change that to Merge Formatting or to Use Destination Formatting. Sure avoids all that frustrating alien looking chunks and the obsessive compulsive behaviour in cleaning up after every Paste.

If you really need to strip Paragraph and direct Text formatting, you need to get the Style Inspector. One way to get it is to click on the Styles Pane Dialog Launcher in the Ribbon – Home Tab. Then click on the icon exposing the Style Inspector. If you are going to use it frequently, consider dragging it to the left or right so that it becomes a static vertical pane (non floating).


Then all you have to do is to place your cursor appropriately in the document and hit the Reset or Clear buttons. There are four of them in All.

Notice the Clear All button. By the way, in the Styles Pane there is a Clear All pseudo style. I did try that, it didn’t seem to deliver the goods.

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