Thursday, March 25, 2010

Access 2010 and Web Databases on Sharepoint 2010

It's an issue that to play with Sharepoint 2010, we need a 64bit Quad Core machine with minimum 4Gb of RAM. Sure, current technology and costs are low enough that this will not be an issue for a production server, but for a play/developer machine we just want to use any old thing near us.

In a rapidly evolving featureset though, the people at Microsoft are mapping Access functionality to Sharepoint data and Sharepoint workflows. A lot of current Office gurus who are not Sharepoint will groan and say "Who asked them for this?" but this is for me a great idea - Access is a great desktop tool and not a bad LAN networked tool. But to bring some of the familiarity of Access to Sharepoint is a win-win for both Access and Sharepoint camps.

Time will Tell.

in reference to: iGoogle (view on Google Sidewiki)

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accesspro said...

It's a great forward move, I would agree. The tech requirements are a bit much. I see it as a long road to adoption. And really for simple databases. There will be a certain tipping point where it makes more sense to just deploy in instead of trying to fit it into Access/Share Point. Like you said...Time will tell!