Thursday, June 18, 2009

That pesky security alert message for external workbook references

Microsoft gets flak when there are macro virus alerts. Each iteration of Microsoft Office has toughened up default security. Excel 2007 now displays a security alert when you open a workbook which has external workbook references. MSKB 826921 explains the issue and workaround.


No need to work so hard. There is a deep menu nested way of switching off the alert – thanks to Lilith for telling us.

Office Button > Excel Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > External Content > Enable automatic update for all Workbook Links (not recommended).

Yeah, not recommended but do it anyway – of course you should have a good, up to date, anti-virus system in place and running real time.

Don’t confuse this with:

Data > (Connections Block) Edit Links > Startup Prompt > Don’t display the alert and update links

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