Thursday, June 11, 2009

Templates and the default document

There are good knowledgebase articles for templates used by Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003.

Did you know that instead of a single template location, there are now four? As described in MS KB 924460, they are:

  • The user templates file location
  • The workgroup templates file location
  • The advertised and installed templates file location
  • The non-file-based templates file location

The article is a bit too brief though. It does not explain for example that Excel responds to two global templates – a default template for the new workbook – book.xlt and a default template for the new worksheet – sheet.xlt. This is explained in HP052292861033.

It’s also interesting how the default font and font size in Excel is set. You can directly set it in Office Button > Excel Options in the When Creating New Workbooks section for new workbooks. Or you could go the book.xlt route. Or for the current workbook only, you can modify the Cell Style called Normal.

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