Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Access 2007 Resources for CAE Class 27th May 2009

Just a friendly hello to the class and to anyone interested in Access resources to follow up. Microsoft Access is a veteran program, bits have changed particularly from Access 2.0, but many of the basic fundamentals have been steady and reliable since Access 7.0 / 1995. So, whatever skills, knowledge and culture people have written about in books and on the web are still relevant to Access in 2009.

Access 2007 has of course a new look – the Office Button, the Ribbon, the Navigation Panel, but the fundamental features are still there.

Microsoft Access Resources:

Access USENET newsgroups of course have been there for yonks – you can tap on reasoning and ideas that were discussed more than 10 years ago. They are easily accessible now, via Google resources.

microsoft.public.access (often abbreviated as m.p.a.) is one group – but there are many subgroups under the microsoft.public.access tree.

comp.databases.access can be more roughhouse but lots of knowledge there as well.

Utter Access is a more moderated forum, again with lots of interaction and knowledge.

We discussed the Leszynski naming convention – here is a wikipedia link.


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