Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 hits distribution

Came back from a day of providing training in migrating to Microsoft Office 2007 and switched my PC on. Whoa, a list of updates.

Service Pack 2 itself

The big one is Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2. The list of fixes and changes are in MSKB 953195 . There is a detailed list of changes in the 2007 Office Service Pack 2 Changes Excel datafile.

So what’s to look forward to?

Access regains the ability to export Access reports to Excel – I seldom used this function because Access reports may have sub-reports and they don’t translate well but some users clamoured for a return of that function. There are also fixes to “issues that occur in the import data wizards, in report printing and previewing, in macros, in Excel integration, and in date filters”

Excel gets a debugged charting mechanism and the chart object model has been made available to Word and Powerpoint.

Outlook has slow startup and proper shutdown operations fixed (didn’t we suffer even in Outlook 97?) The Calendar Printing Assistant has an update.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint now open Open Office documents. In fact, developers now have a converter interface for third party file formats.

There may be some installation issues.

If your Windows Installer is out of date (see MSKB 942101) then you’ll have problems. If an Office program is running, ActiveSync is running, Communicator is running, Groove is running, Desktop Search Service is running, your machine may reboot unexpectedly (see MSKB 942995). There are some other issues that could impact successful installation. If you want to diagnose the installation problems (groan), see MSKB 954713.

If you install it and want to roll back the SP2 update, you now have an Uninstall Tool

Viewers Service Pack 2

Powerpoint Viewer has an update, Excel Viewer has an Update, Visio Viewer has an update

Office Compatibility Pack

In pairing with this, we have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 2 (eh, the Pack’s Pack?) for Office 2003 and other classic versions. Have a read of MS KB 953331.

Other product Office 2007 products Service Pack 2

Microsoft Project 2007 has an update.

Sharepoint Designer 2007 has an update.

The full Service Pack list is in MSKB 968170

Psst. (Did you know Wordpad in Windows 7 can open .docx and .odt (Open Office) files?)

Well, are you gonna wait for Woody to give you the all clear? Tags: ,,

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