Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little things from training


It’s good to go to Office training. For several reasons – given the right environment and instructor, you get cross fertilisation of ideas. And it keeps me in a job (grin).

Tip 1: Someone asked about the keyboard shortcut in Excel to switch to the next Worksheet – it’s Ctrl+PgUp / Ctrl+PgDn.

Tip 2: In Outlook 2007, the message body editor is always Word 2007 and since it is that, it responds to AutoText and Building Blocks. However, it does not use Normal.dotm, it uses NormalEmail.dotm. Good thing is that the two dotm files are separate, bad thing is that the two dotm files are separate.

Tip 3: In Office 2007, you may have several documents open for cut and paste. Office has been moving towards the SDI (Single Document Interface) for sometime, because Internet Explorer popularised the simplicity of that notion. But your Windows Task Bar may be cluttered with other items or your document windows may be grouped by application, require several mouse clicks. Put the View > Switch Windows command on the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar). Better yet, if you are good with your keyboard, press Ctrl+F6 to switch between documents of the same application.

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Andrew&Jane said...

Hi, it was me that wanted the change between worksheets shortcut, thanks very much for it, however is it possible to change which keys as often i am holding down left mouse button or something and want something within easy reach of my left hand, eg 'ctrl' + 'a' or something rather than a two handed shortcut like 'ctrl' + 'page up', can you advise it is changable ?

Andrew&Jane said...

is it possible to change the key strokes for the 'change worksheet' shortcut.
ctrl page up is two handed shortcut but i need something more like ctrl a so that i can do with left hand, is it possible ? thanks could you email at