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There seem to be more businesses and government departments migrating to Microsoft Office 2007. Although Microsoft Office and Windows are intertwined products and Microsoft uses this as a marketing approach, it’s my perception that Microsoft Office has overcome a lot of trials and tribulations about The Ribbon interface, picking up small and big business customers, inspite of the lacklustre reception of Windows Vista. Maybe that’s why Sinofsky, the Office head in Microsoft is now helming Windows.

Powerpoint 2007 is to me, a real re-architection of classic Powerpoint – full, redblooded restructure. The completely new Slide Master, Slide Layout framework is very welcome but also requires some double takes as one grapples with how Slide Headers and Footers work. Why did they nuance Headers and Footers this way, when they could re-jig the Slide Master, Slide Layout concept? Maybe they ran out of time or they had a roadblock in the idea?

My good friend Gerhard also notes that Microsoft Word’s Headers and Footers User Interface has been re-jigged. But that’s more User Interface – substituting the classic Header / Footer editing pane and icon bar with reworked QuickParts (which were there as AutoText in Word classic). You can still, if you knew / know how, carry out classic Word Header / Footer production using Word Field Codes.

Meanwhile, on a side note, the Tutorial Blog has a tutorial on using Hyperlinks in Powerpoint 2007.

In the Simple Thoughts blog, amongst the 10 MS Excel Hacks and Tips, there is one that would quickly become a favourite with Excel users:

9. How to Paste Column Widths

To copy paste the cells you use Ctrl C and Ctrl V. But this doesn't paste the column widths that can accommodate that data. So what you do

• Use the normal Paste option to paste in the data and cell formats
• Right click on the new range of data you have pasted
• Click the Paste Special, and select the Column Widths radio button.


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