Friday, January 30, 2009

A quick heads up on Excel stats and data analysis books

Albright, Winston and Zappe write academic quality serious books for learning and using Stats, Maths in Data and Modelling. I've picked up an old first edition copy, missing the CD - and visited their website and their catalogue at Thompson / Cengage. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Intricacies of Powerpoint 2007

Office Button in Microsoft PowerPoint

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I used to teach Powerpoint 4.0 – it used to puzzle me why Training Providers would schedule Advanced Powerpoint classes. To me, there really wasn’t that much in the program, unless you wanted a degree in making art shapes with Word Art and compositing vector shapes.

Powerpoint 2007 is quite different. It has evolved substantially, this time, leading and encompassing Office 2007 Themes. And not well documented in approach and techniques.

Working with the footer textboxes

In PPT 2003, you can do this in one of two ways. The intuitive way for someone who knows about Powerpoint Masters is to switch to Master View and type into those textboxes. In Powerpoint 2007, the Master has been feature enriched with Layouts. But those textboxes are greyed out. You can type into those textboxes but they don’t appear when you switch to Slide View. You can Insert > Header / Footer and work with the textboxes that way, but it’s counter intuitive to the Powerpoint Masters and Layouts structure. An activated footer text box still looks greyed out in the Slide Master – I can’t see any properties hint that tells between a footer textbox that displays or not.

Applying A Slide Template

  • You can apply a Slide Template at the time you start creating a new Presentation file (Office Button > New). However you must have placed your own Templates in the Templates Folder otherwise you won’t see them at this stage.
  • You can apply an Office Theme from the Themes Gallery. What is not obvious is that you can choose other documents which are not in the Themes Gallery. These documents can be anywhere on your file system and can have .pot, .ppt in addition to .thmx – look at the More.. pointing arrow.
  • You can Insert a New Slide. And you can Re-Use slides from other presentation files – however, if you Re-Use slides this way, it brings the content of the slides, it does not bring the Theme elements

Powerpoint 2007 has grown horns.

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