Sunday, December 14, 2008


Been a bit busy the past few weeks. I'm having Access 2007 crash too often on my Tosh notebook (dual core, 3Gb RAM, Vista) - it doesn't crash during VBA coding or designing the Form - moving controls, setting properties etc... It doesn't close when you save the Form. It does crash when you close the Form after Saving. Done the Allen Browne things - turned off Object Name Tracking, Decompile etc.. but still having the problem.

I removed all the Add-Ins (a few from Office Labs, one from P. Schmidt) but no joy. So I'm re-installing the Office Labs stuff.

I spot from the the RSS featured on this blog's sidebar that there are some really Wow! Powerpoint effects in templates - so grabbing those from Also, if you are not connected to the Internet, you can't get the updated Office 2007 Help files. You can download them on another machine and run the setup on the disconnected machine.

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