Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things you'd prefer not to do in Access 2007

Now that the user interface has had a major makeover in Access 2007, there are ingrained habits that you should review and think of forgetting once you leave Access "classic"

  1. When you work with the Relationships Diagram, forget about working with the ouch! ancient modal dialog interface when adding tables to the Diagram Window (do we still call it a Window when it's like a Tabbed Pane?
    Just close that modal dialog and use drag and drop from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Don't open a table and hit Create > Forms > Create Form. We didn't do it that much formally in Access classic but even for teaching or demonstration, the new functionality enhancement is over the top. The Tabbed Window proposes the tablename as the Tab Name (Form.Caption), the faint of heart now have two tabs with the same name, the tablename is used as a proposed title in a textbox in the header section of the Form. Ugh!
    Just click on Create > Forms > Form Design and DIY - it will be a cleaner process.
  3. Don't tell people that Codd and Date said you can't combine aggregates and details of transactions in a query or a table. You can.
  4. Don't tell people that Codd and Date said there ain't such a thing as a multi-valued field. Dick Pick has just signalled from beyond. Yes, you might have trouble migrating that schema or table design to Oracle, but a query easily enough displays the de-Normalized View of a Table with Multi-Valued Fields.

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