Monday, September 1, 2008

Microsoft Access Security

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My advice to class participants is simple -

If you don't have a need for paranoia security with Microsoft Access, stay away from implementing Access Security.

For beginners and the faint of heart, getting the database running with the features that you want is already and achievement. Putting on a security blanket makes work that much harder.

Simple file security

  • Put the database on one PC and use normal Windows workstation or Domain security to block unauthourised access.
  • If you need to share the database, get the local IT system administrator to create a confidential folder for your team and put the database there.
  • If you have no IT resources that will allow a confidential folder, then yes, you can password the database. But this is very weak security - anyone of your colleagues could take the whole file home to crack it.

Simple User Interface Security

  1. Create a menu system, set up Access so that it does not display the Database Container and Menus, Toolbars are hidden. This is weak and cooperative security but it's ok for consenting colleagues.
  2. Toughen this simple approach by disabling the bypass key (involves a little bit of programming or use of a tool)

Workgroup Security

Workgroup Security is not hard but it requires formality, discipline, on the part of the system administrator - you.

Pre-Access 2007, .mdb files only

Access 2007 Security Aspects

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