Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Access 2007 for newbies books

Microsoft Office Access ScreenshotImage via Wikipedia In an earlier post, I describe an Access VBA book that I just bought (reading it is another matter). Whilst teaching class, I was asked what Access 2007 books I would recommend. The Australian price for books has come down (or the price of computer books has come down) due to the currency exchange rate, so picking up a reference book, post course is an idea.

I would not recommend going to a book without going to at least a good Intro course, because a good class with participants sharing their thoughts and experience and a empathic instructor is really worth having in contrast to reading a 300 page tome.

Post course, however, a reference book is worthwhile as it is another learning approach. Which book though? A search to Amazon shows these candidates:
I'll post an update once I have thumbed through some pages. My interim advice? Pick one that does not put you to sleep or force you to wade through verbosity.

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