Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few quick Access 2007 notes

Microsoft Office AccessImage via Wikipedia The SQL View Font in Access 2007 - it's pretty tiny, it is, on my machine. Utter Access forums discussion thread tip:

Office Button > Access Options > Object Designers > Query Design

Also, choosing Tabbed vs Overlapping Document Windows - from Bob Larson's website

The Access 2007 Ribbon Customizer by Claton Hendricks seems awfully useful to produce a Ribbon for Access 2007 whilst hiding the native one. I installed it on my Windows XP SP3 machine but it didn't work past a few Wizard screens. Hmmm.

Of course there is P. Schmid's Ribbon Customizer - I think I'll have another look at it.

MDBDoc documents .MDB objects

Update: Tony d'Ambra's Switchboard products are worth a good, long look as well. With heaps of free utilities.
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