Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Glass Half Full

I don't hear Office 2007 as having as mud being slung against it as Windows Vista. On the other hand, I don't see many Word (even MVP) websites supporting Office 2007 with new content. The Excel community seems to have got going, but that's probably because the Excel engine is the finest amongst the Office Suite packages and the 2007 version gave them the opportunity to enhance features rather than re-work existing issues.

In this week's recent encounters with Office leads in the community - i.e. in-house IT staff responsible for Microsoft Office 2007 as well as freelance trainers, I come away somewhat disappointed. Either Microsoft is not spreading the good news in a good way (accentuate the positives) or people are just too busy / stuck in the mud to figure out that there have been significant feature changes / additions to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access.

The Ribbon is an obvious visual change to the Office 2007 Suite of programs. It's far from the only innovation or new feature though. Of course, it's natural to gripe about Microsoft changing what veterans and power users call a "good thing" - i.e. the well known and well fingered "classic" menus. But there's more, much more to Office 2008 than the Ribbon. Tags: ,,

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