Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting an existing outline into Powerpoint 2007

I swear I've done the Copy and Paste job with an older version of Powerpoint but with the new version, things are a little more formal.

  1. Create a text outline in Word. Normal Style won't do - Heading 1 becomes the Slide Title and Heading 2 becomes the bullet points.
  2. In PPT 2007, Home > Slides > New Slide > Slides from Outline > select the file

Dennis O'Reilly and Tim Anderson were discussing sending the outline from Word.


I had a bulky document and just wanted to extract the Heading 2s from one section. Failed miserably with Cut from Word Outline mode and Paste into Excel. Too big a job for the Send To PowerPoint.

Hunted for a Word Feature. Got a Macro from Andrew Savikas's O'Reilly Word Hacks book.

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